EARTH DAY: It’s Time to Make Better Transportation Decisions

Earth Day is a time when we consider how decisions we make this year, and next, will impact the future happiness and health of the people we love, and all people on the planet. One crucial part of this is how we move ourselves and goods from place to place. Earth Day is more than a time for reflection — it is a call to action.

inside of a bus

Report: Good Transit Requires Well Paid Union Workers

In the last two decades, starting wages for our nation’s bus operators have fallen seriously behind the cost of living. Along with a host of unsatisfactory working conditions, the result has been a historic, and in many cases dire, volume of vacancies for frontline transit operations jobs. This state of affairs has resulted in less-frequent, less-reliable service for riders and, in an increasing number of cases, devastating service cuts. This report presents bus operator wages as compared with Area Median Income in 30 cities across the U.S. Before it is too late, our decision makers must do everything in their power to make sure frontline transit workers are paid a living wage and that local transit agencies can sustain their critical workforce.

Miami Metrobus

Report: 3 Ways to make bus driving a better job

From New Jersey to Denver to Los Angeles, transit agencies across the US are experiencing an alarming bus operator shortage. Driving a bus was once considered a stable path to the middle class, but the profession is now having difficulty with recruitment and retention. Bus operator positions now turn over more than any other at transit agencies.


Report: Investing in the Transit Workforce for Stronger Communities

Transit plays a central role in providing access to schools, jobs, medical care, parks, grocery stores, and other everyday necessities. For decades, the United States has underinvested in this essential building block for economic mobility and equitable prosperity. Transit is also a vital climate solution, providing the fastest pathway for cutting transportation emissions. Ambitious investment in reliable, fast, and affordable public transit systems will help communities flourish and support an economy that works for all.



RESULTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MOBILIZING AND MOVING COMMUNITIES The national movement for better transit has achieved some big victories over the last couple of years,