Report: Investing in the Transit Workforce for Stronger Communities

Transit plays a central role in providing access to schools, jobs, medical care, parks, grocery stores, and other everyday necessities. For decades, the United States has underinvested in this essential building block for economic mobility and equitable prosperity. Transit is also a vital climate solution, providing the fastest pathway for cutting transportation emissions. Ambitious investment in reliable, fast, and affordable public transit systems will help communities flourish and support an economy that works for all.

“Stronger Communities Through Better Transit Act”

Congressman Hank Johnson (GA) introduced a federal bill that would invest $20 billion each year for four years across every transit operation in the country through a formula grant program.

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Learn how the Stonger Communities Through Better Transit Act will translate into over 230,000 new jobs.
This infusion of funds could translate into over 230,000 new jobs nationwide, including for transit operators and staff who work tirelessly to keep the systems moving, and also the indirect jobs set in motion by the increased economic activity.

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