Week Without Driving

Monday, September 30th - Sunday, October 6th, 2024

Transit is essential, providing everyone with a clean and affordable way to get around. Transit drives economic growth and opportunities and is a critical tool for addressing the climate crisis. But for too long, our policymakers haven’t prioritized funding for transit, choosing to spend the vast majority of our transportation dollars on roads. As a result, in much of the country it’s incredibly difficult—if not impossible—to get around without a car.

This September, we can raise awareness of these transportation inequities by participating in the Week Without Driving challenge. Week Without Driving challenges us to leave our cars at home for a week to see what it’s like for the 1⁄3 of Americans who can’t or don’t drive. Anyone can participate in the challenge – whether as an individual, organization, or elected official.

By participating in Week Without Driving and raising our voices together about the need for better transit options, we can create a system that gets everyone where they need to go, regardless of ability, age, or income.

Background on Week Without Driving

In 2020, Disability Mobility Initiative began documenting the experiences of non-drivers in the State of Washington. In 2021 and 2022, they challenged elected officials and other decision-makers to a Week Without Driving – with profound effects on those who participated. In 2023, America Walks and Disability Mobility Initiative partnered to take Week Without Driving national.

In 2024, the National Campaign for Transit Justice is joining forces with America Walks to draw even more attention to the Week Without Driving and call upon local, state, and national level officials to not only participate, but also advance policies that make our communities more transit friendly and accessible.