Transit Stories: Judy Wang

New York, NY: Riders Alliance

My name is Judy Wang, and I live in Fresh Meadows, Queens. Investing in good pubilc transit is a cause that is close to my heart, one that has made a significant impact on my family’s life, and one that is essential to millions of New Yorkers who rely every day on buses and subways to get them where they need to go. And that is the need for frequent, reliable, and affordable public transit.

I use buses every day to take me to work, to job interviews, and appointments. My neighborhood has very limited subway access and is primarily served by buses. Unfortunately, the buses are slow, unreliable, and don’t come frequently enough.

All my jobs were in Manhattan, and I had to rely on the Q64 to get me to the nearest train station, then transfer between multiple subway lines to finally get to my destination. The bus I take is always stuck in morning traffic, so an otherwise 15 minute bus ride could balloon to 30-45 minutes instead. The Q64 is also experiencing a driver shortage, so I often had to wait between 20 – 30 minutes for the next bus to arrive. A 15 minute bus commute turns into an hour, and I would still need to transfer to the subway to finally arrive at my destination. My daily struggle with slow and unreliable buses not only affects my routine but underscores the pressing need for substantial improvements in our public transit system, ensuring that the millions of New Yorkers relying on these services can get to where they need to go on time.

New York is a city that is known for its subway and runs on public transportation. But for millions of us who live in the outer boroughs, we need better access to convenient and affordable transit options – particularly in bus zones. Increasing the frequency of our city buses means saving invaluable time and headaches for millions of us who have to make multiple transfers and wait 20, 30, 40 minutes for the next bus to come. More frequent buses means that my neighbors and I can avoid long waits in the cold or alone at night and are safer, can get to work on time, and have more time with our loved ones.

Affordable public transit is a financial lifeline for many New Yorkers, including my own family. I’ve seen first hand how it eases the financial burden on our family. It ensures that my mother can access doctors’ appointments, groceries, social events, and all the opportunities and necessities that Flushing provides. Just recently, I lost my job, and I’m now one of the countless New Yorkers navigating this challenging time.

Thank you for listening to my story, and let’s keep fighting for a better future.

About Transit Stories

Transit Stories” is a series of real-life experiences with public transit in the U.S. We feature the first-hand experience of public transit riders from across the country. From large cities to small towns, we will document the experiences of the millions of users of busses, trains, ferries, and other forms of public transit in the US. Public transit is essential to our communities, to cooling the planet, to advancing equity. Transit is essential to our very lives.

There is a unique opportunity for the country to make a historic investment in public transit funding to help the country build back better. 

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